From Russia with love!

 When I was doing my search for the Paris Haute Couture fashion week, apart from  the amazing shows of Chanel, Valentino, Armani Prive, Ellie Saab, which traditionally are the top of the top, I noticed the collection of the new russian designer, Ulyana Sergeenko. And I have to say that I was so thrilled with the pieces! She managed to combine together the folklore spring-summer style with the sense of 50's. How amazing is that? White and beige dresses, black velvet, big round hats, satin were the keys to this collection. Besides, her personal style is so unique! She can wear clothes with old Hollywood glamour but they all look so modern together! Just perfect!

And here some pictures of her gorgeous style!


  1. She's really talented with an unique and charming style. Natalia Vodianova is her best ambassadress and i can't imagine somebody better for that. However i can avoid thinking she was more beautiful with her hair brown. A lot of kisses!

  2. Yes!!She was so pretty with the brown hair! I have to say that this fashion week was all about Russia! :) :)